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The brothel holds open Day: fees – in favor of poor children

Public house Shh… Adult Fun Spot, located in the new Zealand city Havera on the North island, held a charity open day, the proceeds of which will be transferred to the Fund Kai Kitchen, which arranges dinners for children from needy families.

About this unusual action that caused controversial reaction of the local community, wrote on Thursday, 18 February, the British newspaper the Guardian.

People who donated money in this promotion will be able to walk to this school, enjoy refreshments and talk with the staff of the brothel.

Part of new Zealand society believes this initiative is a step in the right direction, and the other suspects the organizers in seeking to legitimize the status of prostitution as normal work and expresses indignation at the fact that in the framework of this event the children will be linked to the sex industry.

The founder of the charitable Fund Rochelle Kai Kitchen washing also outlined its position: she claims that she don’t care where the money comes from, which give the opportunity to provide the children with school Lunches, and praised the owner of the brothel Nicky Hughes, who is on the Board of Trustees of the Fund.

Washing also admitted that before meeting with Hughes was the school for prejudice; however, after talking with the girls, was able to overcome it.

The brothel holds open Day: fees – in favor of poor children 18.02.2016

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