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The bureaucracy of Jihad: to rape, cannot be separated with children

As reported by Reuters, during the may RAID on the destruction of «Finance Minister» of the terrorist group «Islamic state» Abu Sayyaf, U.S. commandos seized documents about the bureaucratic system of the jihadists.

In particular, the IG has established a special administration, which was engaged in «mining» captured during hostilities. Basically, his conduct was of a slave woman, captured by «Islamic state». Instructions on what to do with them leave a bad impression.

Specially released a brochure based on the sayings of the prophet Muhammad, strictly forbids to divide the slaves and their children. The owners have every right to rape powerless women.

From other documents it is visible, as was arranged, the economic structure of the group, enabling it to create a quasi-state formation. Clear the bureaucratic system involved in the collection of taxes, energy trading, the sale of antiquities.

As in any such dictatorship, agencies were fighting for power and their leaders — for the closeness to Supreme power. In the intrigues were actively used religious rulings – religious rulings, often contradicting each other.

The bureaucracy of Jihad: to rape, cannot be separated with children 28.12.2015

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