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The candidate for the post of head of the Pentagon, was approved by 98 votes to one

The U.S. Senate confirmed the appointment of General reserve James Mattis to the post of defense Minister. His appointment voted by 98 senators, one voted against, reports The Washington Post. Senator Jeff sessions, a candidate for attorney General, did not participate in the vote.

Then Mattis was sworn in as head of the Pentagon.

He promised to cooperate with the state in the name of strengthening American alliances around the world.

James Mattis became the first General in the post of Minister of defense since George Marshall, appointed by President Truman in 1950. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from new York, it explained the reason for the vote against the candidacy of Mattis. According to her, this post should not take General who recently retired.

For a long time in the United States General could hold the post of defense Minister, only ten years after retirement. Later this term was reduced to seven years. To appoint Mattis, the Congress adopted a special decision on the exception to this rule.

During the discussion of his candidacy to Congress January 12, Mattis said that he had not thought about the position of the Minister of defence and did not participate in election campaigns, while Donald trump has not approached him with the request for the meeting and was asked to head the Pentagon.

The candidate for the post of head of the Pentagon, was approved by 98 votes to one 21.01.2017

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