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«The carrion eaters for the sake of hype». Review of Russian media

Two passenger planes collided on the tarmac at the international airport «Ben Gurion» in tel Aviv. From hitting the passengers badly shaken, but luckily no one was hurt, according to the Russian press referring to the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

According to the administration, while towing a commercial airliner Germania airline has touched the plane of the Israeli airline El Al, which was being prepared for departure to Rome.

«Russia has branded the review» is the title of an article in the newspaper «Kommersant», which refers to the presentation which the representatives of foreign embassies received at a briefing at the British Embassy in Moscow on March 22.

Official London presented her using a take on «the case Skripal,» which, according to the US Ambassador in Russia John Huntsman, induced the allies of great Britain in solidarity to expel Russian diplomats. The presentation repeats previously voiced theses of London, but with one major exception: Russia from the category of «with high probability» guilty in the poisoning of defector reclassified as «guilty without any doubt».

Yesterday’s action of memory of victims in Kemerovo on Pushkin square in Moscow, announced by the journalists Elizaveta Surganova and Philip Dzyadko, collected, according to the correspondent of «Kommersant», a few thousand people. People on Pushkin seemed to be even more than a temporary memorial at the Manege square, open at 17:00 on the initiative of the public chamber.

However, the portion of the flow passing through the Manege, then went on Pushkin. Here people came after the end of the day. According to the interior Ministry, the number of participants of both mourning the shares reached 12,000. At first the audience was silent and lit the candles, and after an hour and a half on the square began sounding political slogans. The police gathered was not touched.

The Kremlin responded to the question, whether the impact of the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the United States on the willingness of Vladimir Putin to meet with Donald trump. Russia’s President open to dialogue with his American counterpart, and his instructions to prepare a meeting with the President of the United States remains in force.
«The presidents agreed to instruct foreign Minister Lavrov and his American counterpart to discuss these issues. Until I have information that some discussion has started but, at least, President Putin, because the agreement was, the order gave the Ministry of foreign Affairs» – quoted Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper» the words of the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov.

Russian pranker Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) and Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) has advocated the adoption of the law about fakes on the Internet. The reason for the proposal was «stuffing» their Ukrainian colleagues about the victims of the fire in Kemerovo.
According to carpenter, it is necessary to introduce responsibility for spreading false information that led to the administrative violation.
«If, for example, held a rally inconsistent and this contributed to the information in the Network, should be punished not only by the participants and the organizers of the rally, but the distributors of the fakes,» said Prancer in a conversation with journalists URA.Ru.

«The carrion eaters for the sake of hype: Why 30-year-old boys who are accustomed to eat well and to live freely, clocked panic around the tragedy in Kemerovo» – is the title of an article in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», where we are talking about the tragedy in Kemerovo and the ensuing protests.

«64 dead, including 41 children – it’s just awful. But to some this was not enough. Not enough. And they began to force the topic to publish gossip to bring this horror to a completely unreasonable concentration. And it’s not just about the Ukrainian so-called Prancer the Volnov, who pathologically hates Russia and everything Russian. With this flawed is clear and without shrink – to all enemies. And that is why the same took the super popular bloggers, some of whom are subscribers and readers for more than other media, not to mention acrobranch? Now what to do with them?» – asking journalists.


«The carrion eaters for the sake of hype». Review of Russian media

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