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«The case of Yemeni children»: the Ministry of Finance will allocate money for the autopsy 300 graves

The Ministry of Finance will allocate money for the opening 300 of the graves in the investigation «of the case of Yemeni children.» On Monday, February 12, according to the Tenth channel ITV.

January 23, the Prosecutor’s office informed the family court in Petah Tikva that it agrees to grant the request of 17 families of immigrants from Yemen on the opening of graves to perform genetic tests.

The aim is the establishment of kinship between the families and the deceased, whose remains are in these graves.

The Ministry of justice reported that the decision was made to force public importance of the investigation of the circumstances of the death and burial of the minors of immigrants from Yemen, Eastern and Balkan countries.

These tragic events, dubbed «the Case of Yemeni children» or «Yemeni Holocaust» occurred in the years 1948-1950, when Israel came about 50 thousand Yemeni Jews. Returnees resettled in tent camps or in the so-called «maabarot» (temporary settlements). Yemeni families were mostly large, and thousands of guests to the children of Israel was very weak and suffered from many diseases, mainly diseases of the esophagus.

At that time in Israel was rampant polio epidemic. Since polio is an infectious disease, upon the slightest suspicion of children were isolated and sent to isolation rooms and in hospitals. Often without any accompanying documents. After this, parents frequently reported that their child was dead and already buried. The majority of parents did not attend the funeral and did not receive a death certificate. As it turned out, many children do die in hospitals, but almost no one did all the families of the survivors «unnamed» children, and they were transferred to a sanatorium society WIZO, where he was given up for adoption.

Thus, according to the official version in the first years of the state of Israel lost over a thousand children, mainly in infants of Eastern origin. Two-thirds of these originate from the Yemeni families.

«The case of Yemeni children»: the Ministry of Finance will allocate money for the autopsy 300 graves 12.02.2018

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