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The cause of death of the actor Dmitry Marjanov, who died at the age of 47 years

TV channel REN TV has published data on the cause of death was a popular Russian actor Dmitry Marjanov, who died October 15 at the age of 47 years. According to published reports, the actor died due to acute blood loss caused by clogging of the filter installed to trap blood clots.

In the expert opinion, establishing the cause of death Maryanova, said: «deep vein Thrombophlebitis of the left lower leg, thrombosis of the inferior Vena cava. The wall rupture of the left common iliac vein. Abundant blood loss.»

Doctor-phlebologist, surgeon Theodore Shpachenko explains: «It’s not quite classical picture of this disease. Because in order to break one of the femoral veins thrombosis needs to be very massive and rather short time because the veins are elastic enough… If the conclusion is not pulmonary embolism, this is very strange. Really weird, because thrombosis of the inferior Vena cava in the vast majority of causes a pulmonary embolism. That, in turn, leads to this not very fast, but fairly quick death.»

The investigative Committee, which upon the death of the artist is investigating a criminal case under article «causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties», reported stay Maranova before his death in rehab «Phoenix», reminds RIA Novosti.

As previously reported, the actor was at his dacha in the Moscow region, when he felt bad. Friends called an ambulance, which was supposed to deliver it to the hospital in Lobnya. «For technical reasons», the ambulance arrived. Dmitry Maryanov died on the way to the hospital, where they had tried to deliver it friends.

Dmitry Maryanov

(according to Wikipedia)

Dmitry Maryanov was born in Moscow from the 1st to 7th classes are taught at drama school and was engaged in acrobatics, dancing, swimming, football, Sambo-wrestling and gymnastics. Was a little eccentric actor of theatre «the Scientific monkey».

In 1992 he graduated from the Theater school. BV Shchukin, was immediately accepted into the troupe of the theatre «Lenkom», where he worked until 2003. He was an actor of «Independent theatre project».

Dmitry Maryanov starred in many feature films and television series: his first leading role in the youth film Valeria Fedosova «was not was» (Odessa film Studio, 1986). In 1986 he played a major role in the movie «Above the Rainbow», starred in «Dear Elena Sergeevna» (1988), «Lyubov» (1991). These roles have secured him the status of «star» of the new generation.

Played a major role in the TV series «the Fighter» (2004) and «the private life of investigator Saveliev» (2012), played in the film «radio Day», «Man on call», «the Diary of a killer». During his acting career Dmitry Maryanov performed 83 of the role.

The cause of death of the actor Dmitry Marjanov, who died at the age of 47 years 27.10.2017

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