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The chief of General staff cancelled the instruction, forbidding military personnel to go on vacation with guns

In the evening of 22 February, the chief of the General staff of the IDF Gadi Eizenkot, commenting on criticism of the IDF, stated that any soldier has the right, leaving on vacation, bring a personal weapon.

The Ynet website reports that the new regulations entered into force in the evening of 22 February.

Earlier, Israeli media reported on the investigation into the attack in the store network «Rami levy», which killed Sergeant infantry brigade «Nahal» 21-year-old Yanai Tuvia the Weisman.

The attack in the supermarket chain «Rami Levi», located in the industrial area of Sha’ar Binyamin, occurred on February 18. Three Palestinian terrorists, who came from the village Beitunia, was able to smuggle past the guard’s knives. About 20 minutes they were in the supermarket, choosing the victim.

The website Nana10 reports that the investigation revealed that Sergeant Weissman heard calls for help wounded terrorists AVI Avital. Weissman, without hesitation rushed to his aid, and without any weapons, entered into battle with armed terrorists. In this battle he was killed.

Colleagues of Sergeant Wiseman convinced that he would not have died, if the commander of the 50th battalion of the brigade «Nahal» let him go on vacation with a personal weapon. Buddies say Weissman, speaking with the commander, recalled that he lived in Judea and Samaria, where there is the greatest number of terrorist attacks. However, this argument the commander had not been convinced.

Israeli media reported that the commander of the brigade «Nahal» Colonel Amos And the priest, February 22, was ordered to verify the claims of servicemen, according to which, Sergeant Wiseman, as well as other servicemen when on leave were not allowed to take the machines.

Israeli media noted that, according to army instructions, military personnel have to surrender your personal weapons when on a holiday longer than three days. The command of the brigade «Nahal» is going to inspect a particular case relating to Wiseman and to check the relevance of this statement.

The chief of General staff cancelled the instruction, forbidding military personnel to go on vacation with guns 23.02.2016

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