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The cholera epidemic in Yemen: 600.000 patients before the end of the year

High-ranking UN delegation visited Yemen to get an idea about the spread of cholera. The delegation visited the territories controlled by the international recognised government and the Houthi rebels.

The delegation included the heads of the world health organization, UNICEF and the world food programme. They met with the Prime Minister of Yemen Ahmad bin Dgram.

23 July, Aden was visited by the head of the International red cross Peter Maurer. «The worst thing about this tragedy that it was the result of human activity. It can be prevented but the world pretends that nothing is happening,» he said.

According to doctors, the Yemeni cholera epidemic — the worst in modern history. The first case was recorded in March of 2017, however, the number of people infected has exceeded 360.000 people. Nearly 2,000 patients died.

Until the end of 2017 cholera sick 600,000 Yemenis. The lack of minimal sanitary conditions in the civil war-torn country contributes to the spread of the disease, and drought makes it impossible to compensate for the fluid loss.

The cholera epidemic in Yemen: 600.000 patients before the end of the year 25.07.2017

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