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The cholera epidemic in Yemen: state of emergency

The Prime Minister of Yemen Ahmed ubeid bin Dagr announced the introduction of a state of emergency in five Yemeni provinces. The reason for this was the significant growth of cases of infection by cholera.

He urged local authorities to make every effort to fight the epidemic, to monitor local outbreaks and in a timely manner to prevent.

The world health organization notes that, despite the increase in the number of patients, the mortality rate slightly decreased. Officially recorded deaths and 1,400 219.000 patients.

According to the UN, 14.5 million of Yemenis lack access to running water, which significantly affects the speed of spread of the epidemic. No drugs, 30,000 health workers have not been paid in the fall of 2016.

Saudi Arabia has allocated for the fight against the epidemic of cholera $ 67 million. Note that the Kingdom led a coalition of Sunni countries participating in the civil war on the side of the internationally recognized government.

The cholera epidemic in Yemen: state of emergency 28.06.2017

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