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The CIA and Abbas secretly listen to conversations of citizens of the PA: the case goes to trial

The Palestinian authority with the support of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) has tapped the telephone conversations of thousands of its citizens – from the warlords to judges, lawyers and officials of the authority, Mahmoud Abbas.

This is evidenced by the spread through the WhatsApp application 37-page document at the disposal of the journalists wrote on Wednesday, February 7, news Agency The Associated Press.

Wiretapping engaged in a special Agency, composed of representatives of the three Palestinian security services, specified in this article.

Against the background of these revelations, a former intelligence chief, Tawfiq tirawi’s Palestinian authority and Chairman of the Association of lawyers Javad Obeidat previously to organize anti-government protests, has filed a lawsuit against the Palestinian authority, which is charged with «flagrant violation of human rights».

This article States that the wire supported by the CIA, launched in 2013. In exchange for this assistance, the Palestinian authority shared intelligence information with the American intelligence service. These revelations were made public in the midst of conflict between trump and Abbas, indignant recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.

The head of the Palestinian intelligence services were quick to call the accusations «nonsense». Prosecutor General Ahmed Barrak confirmed that he had received the statement of claim, but from further declined to comment.

The Palestinian human rights group «al-Haq» had demanded an investigation to assess the extent of listening and to get explanations from the government. The leader of the Palestinian human rights Shahwan Jabareen notes that he has not received a response from the attorney General and the Prime Minister.

The lawsuit States that thousands of telephone conversations are tapped without legal justification, the number of the listening – a senior Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the family of Marwan Barghouti and Muhammad Dahlan supporters.

The CIA and Abbas secretly listen to conversations of citizens of the PA: the case goes to trial

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