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The coalition crisis: «Likud» and «Bayt Yehudi exchange accusations

The controversy at the weekly Cabinet meeting, on the question of the process of creating corporations, and television, turned into a new round of confrontation between the parties «Likud» and «Bayt Yehudi».

At the government meeting the Minister Naftali Bennett and justice Minister Ayelet shaked sharply criticized what they called the «intention of the Prime Minister to intervene in the appointment of key figures in the new Corporation. Passions especially after the Minister of culture Miri Regev said: «What’s the point in creating a Corporation, if we do not control it? We create state structure, and the Minister of communications has no influence on who will be her leading roles?» This statement caused a flurry of criticism of the Minister. «What are you afraid of, you have «Likud», having its own newspaper,» said Ayelet shaked.

Note that the statement of Miri Regev has caused resentment not only by Ministers from the «Bayt Yehudi». Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said later at a meeting with journalists that do not share the view expressed by Miri Regev, and does not intend to seize power over the media. The Minister of social equality Gila Gamliel was even sharper in his criticism. In an interview with radio station «Galey TSAHAL» she said: «the statements, such as those that allows himself Miri Regev, there is a sharp smell of fascism».

Despite disagreements within the ruling party, the main war was between «Likud» and the party «Bayt Yehudi». 31 July and 1 August Likud published two reports, which said the following: «Bennett and shaked repeatedly show that play into the hands of the left camp in an attempt to overthrow the Likud. This is evident in the Alliance with Lapid and the protection of monopolies in the media sector. Bennett and shaked – Pets left camp and Noni Moses (the publisher of the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» – approx. ed) whose actions continuously damage the head of the government Netanyahu government and the Likud.

In response, the party «Bayt Yehudi» issued the following message: «Netanyahu shoots in again, as he did when he voted for the disengagement and the destruction of gush Katif, when freed more terrorists than anyone else, when under the motto «I found a friend» gave Hebron to Arafat aseru when the construction freeze in the settlements, when surrendered to Hamas, when it was announced in Bar-Ilan’s readiness to establish a Palestinian state. Now he believes the number of religious journalists in the new Corporation and continued to fire on their own. And the most ironic is that he’s doing it to drag in the government Merav Michaeli, Yossi Yona and Isaac Herzog. Before the elections, Netanyahu always sucking up to the right-wing and religious, and in five minutes after the election, does not hide his contempt for him.»

Shortly thereafter, the press service of the Likud received the following statement: «Bennet panics, because he knows the truth. The one who was elected thanks to the votes from right views teaches the tradition of Darwish, the Israeli students and otherwise struggling to maintain the hegemony of the left camp in the media. Bennett had long been in our camp. Along with «brother» Lapid, he digs a tunnel under the rule of Likud. One who for a few laudatory headlines in Yediot Ahronot and Ynet came to the defense of the interests Noni Moses, who tried to close the newspaper «Israel a-Yom» really doesn’t care about freedom of the press.»

According to observers, the question of the Corporation’s radio and television – is just a reason for another scandal between «Likud» and «Bayt Yehudi». The relationship between these parties remain very difficult, however, the likelihood that the «Bayt Yehudi» will leave the coalition on their own initiative is very low, as the party does not want to look destroyed the right-wing government. Netanyahu, in turn, cannot afford a break with the religious Zionists to until has no alternative partners to the coalition of the bloc of the «Zionist camp.»

July 31 during a meeting with journalists the Prime Minister said that it is still interested in the extension of the governmental coalition. He refused to answer the question, does this mean that his plans are to terminate the Alliance with the «Bayt Yehudi».

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The coalition crisis: «Likud» and «Bayt Yehudi exchange accusations 01.08.2016

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