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The collision of ships in the Yellow sea: a lot of dead

Off the West coast of South Korea in the Yellow sea, rented by tourists fishing boat Seonchang-1, on Board of which there were twenty tourists and two boat team, collided with a tanker ton Myeongjin-15 with a displacement of 336 tons, killing at least thirteen people.

Two passengers are currently missing, writes 3 December, the South Korean news Agency Yonhap, citing the coast guard.

The tragedy in question occurred on Sunday morning, about 06:09, local time, one and a half kilometres from the port JINDU, located on the island of Yonghung – nine minutes later after the departure of the ship.

In the search and rescue operation involved four helicopters and fourteen coast guard vessels, the South Korean authorities launched an investigation into the causes and circumstances of the accident.

This incident – the biggest incident with the South Korean pleasure-craft from September 2015, when the collision at sea 15 people died and three were reported missing.

The collision of ships in the Yellow sea: a lot of dead

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