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The collision of trains in Germany: experts analyze data «black boxes»

The number of victims of head-on collision of two passenger trains on Tuesday morning in the area of the Bavarian town of bad Aibling in southern Germany has increased to 10 people, one passenger is still missing. The causes of the crash are being investigated, reports the BBC.

Among the victims were the drivers of both trains and two conductor. About 150 passengers were injured, 18 are in serious condition.

At the time of the collision both of our squads went at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour. According to published reports, the drivers could not see the oncoming train because the collision occurred at the turning point of railway tracks.

The reasons of accident while are unknown, but investigators suspect that it is a combination of human error and technical failure. It is reported that the flight recorders or «black boxes» of both formulations were found and sent for review.

Note that the Railways in Germany since 2011 are equipped with a safety system that automatically stops a train if it passes a red light, but also inhibits the composition, if it exceeds the speed.

Shortly after the disaster in the German media there were assumptions that some of the employees of the railroad could be shut down, but the police has denied these assumptions.

The collision of trains in Germany: experts analyze data «black boxes» 10.02.2016

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