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The commander of the Navy of the IDF: Hizbullah may attack a gas platform

The commander of the Israeli Navy Vice-Admiral Eli Shavit, together with the captain of the second rank Dubi raz and Merav Tzur published in the army magazine «bein a-Ktuvim» article on the creation of operating the naval headquarters. In it, they are paying attention to the strategic threats associated with the sea.

The publication notes that the Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah has weapons that threaten Israeli gas platforms located in the Eastern Mediterranean. «Hizbullah has created the best missile cruiser in the world: it is unsinkable and carries a variety of missiles,» the authors write.

To protect strategic interests of Israel on one of the missile corvettes of the IDF, patrolling the area of gas production, installed the missile complex «Iron dome». In 2019 service in the Israeli Navy will be joining the new generation of corvettes «Saar-6», one of the main tasks which deal with missile threats.

According to the newspaper «Haaretz» in Israel believe that Lebanese fighters are not going to use its nuclear capability against gas platforms. The leadership of Hizbullah acknowledges that it is a casus belli, which will inevitably lead to a Third Lebanon war.

Recall that during the Second Lebanon, 14 July 2006, Hizbullah released a anti-ship missile at an Israeli Corvette «Hanit» patrolling the Lebanese coast 16 kilometers from the shore. Killing four soldiers, the ship returned to Ashdod on their own, it took two months to repair.

January 2, 2018 Institute for research in the field of national security presented to President Reuven Rivlin report on the threats facing the Jewish state in the coming 2018 year.

First in the list is a fundamentally new threat, named by the authors «First Northern war». In this scenario, Israel will have to face Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

The commander of the Navy of the IDF: Hizbullah may attack a gas platform

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