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The concert of Britney Spears in tel Aviv, July 3: change in traffic

In connection with the concert of American singer Britney Spears, which will be held July 3 at the Park Ganey Yehoshua in tel Aviv, there will be changes in traffic in the area. Police are asking citizens to use public transport and not to come to the concert in private cars.

Those who will arrive in their cars, please Park in the shopping center «Ayalon». Cars can be parked on the official Parking lots located at the following address: shopping Mall «Ayalon» Dan Design Center near train stations Bnei Brak, a centre of Athletic Bilbao in Hadar-Yosef, street Rephidim, Ganey Yehoshua (Parking fee), the University (extra charge), reading (extra), a complex «Sportek», «Holytek».

From 19 to 22 hours drivers are asked to refrain from traveling on the following streets: street from the intersection of Rocky Ephraim/CCL to Ibn Gvirol and back from 18 to 21 hours; street Sheetrit Mivtza from Kadesh to the streets of the Rocky and back; street Rephidim to the side of the street is the Rocky.

Street Isaac Rimbaud will be closed from 17 hours. Will also be prohibited from leaving the area before a cinema Drive-in to side of the street is the Rocky. Will be prohibited from turning from the street into the Rocky side of Ganey Yehoshua from 17 o’clock and till the end of the event.

Travel on 20th road in the side street, Rocky will be carried out intermittently. It is recommended to use the exit Ayalon/CCL.

22:30 the following streets will be closed for the passage of private vehicles: the Rocky street from the Bnei Ephram/CCL to the intersection of Ibn Gvirol and back; street Sheetrit from Mivza Kadesh.

Cars will be directed from the Parking lot «Athletics» on Sheetrit and Mivza Kadesh and cannot be rotated in the direction of the street Rocky. Cars parked in the Parking lot Ganey Yehoshua, at the check-out will be routed to the side of the street is the Rocky.

Will increased frequency of trains. Passengers are asked to arrive at the station, Bnei Brak and tel Aviv University. After the event is only open station in tel Aviv University. Also, increase the frequency of buses from Ramat HaSharon to the Parking in reading.

That the only concert Britney Spears will take place in Hayarkon Park on July 3 it was announced at a press conference in tel Aviv on March 28. Ticket prices ranged from 340 NIS (on the grass) to 1,100 shekels (for a place in the VIP area). The cost performances of Britney in tel Aviv will be around 3 million dollars.

Previously, several attempts to organize a performance of Spears in Israel. For example, was negotiated in 2011, but then the concert took place.

Britney Spears, a long time addicted to Kabbalah, has a particular interest in Jerusalem. The singer graced his neck, «Kabbalistic tattoo»: three letters – MEM, Hey, Hey, «Shin» – probably are an abbreviation of the phrase «Magen and Shalom» (peace). According to Kabbalah, the sign (sometimes referred to as «the sign of peace angel») helps to live in peace with others.

35-year-old singer Britney Jean Spears for more than 15 years of musical career, managed to establish itself also as an actress, screenwriter, dancer, composer, producer, TV presenter, designer, model, perfumer, songwriter, choreographer and an assiduous student of the Kabbalah centre. Her personal fortune estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars, she is in the TOP 10 highest-paid singers and TOP 20 highest paid star by Forbes magazine. In 2006-2007, Britney was suffering a personal and creative crisis, but she managed to overcome the difficulties and triumphant return to show business.

The concert of Britney Spears in tel Aviv, July 3: change in traffic 02.07.2017

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