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The conference MERETZ activists tried to pull Goldie galon

Sunday, September 17, in tel Aviv will host a conference MERETZ, which will discuss the issue of the election date the head of the party. The conference meets amid the demands of activists of the party to hold primaries no later than February 2018.

In turn, the head of the party zaava galon insists on the postponement of the election in 2019 and on holding open primaries, in which all citizens, solidretirement with the ideology of MERETZ, will be able to participate in the formation of the electoral list.

Surrounded by Saavy galon accused the Knesset member Ilan Gilona that he was behind the initiative of convening the conference and attempt to change the party leader. The Deputy Gilon in an interview with categorically rejected the accusations. «I’m not going to claim nor the date of the election or removal of Saavy galon. All this nonsense and guff. Moreover, I don’t want to date the primaries were appointed before will be elected the new composition of the conference.»

Zaava galon is also Chairman of the MERETZ since February 2012.

Last week we published the message, according to which MERETZ weighed the initiative to terminate the existence of the party in its current form and to revive the party RAT, and MAPS, which together with the already existent «Shinui» formed block of MERETZ in 1992.

The conference MERETZ activists tried to pull Goldie galon 17.09.2017

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