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The Congress NDI Lieberman published his program of fight against terror out of 10 points

At the Congress of the party «Our home Israel» Avigdor Lieberman called Netanyahu a bright representative of the camp of «isralei», and then published his program of fight against terror, standing from 10 main points.

Thursday, 25 February, was held in Jerusalem 4-th Congress of party «Our house Israel». In his speech, party leader Avigdor Lieberman stated that Yisrael Beiteinu is different from all other parties and generates new ideas, which then «adjust» the rest of the parties. He reminded about the program of exchange of territory and population, the regional plan settlement, the pension reform, a 90% mortgage, the principle «without loyalty no citizenship».

«Don’t get me wrong. We can not claim. On the contrary, we appreciate everyone following us and trying to implement our ideas,» said Avigdor Lieberman.

According to the head of NDI, he stopped to ask the question, why the NDI was not included in the coalition.

«Today anyone don’t have to explain. All understand it themselves. Five months continues the reign of terror took the lives of over 30 people. Hundreds of wounded. The restoration of the diversionary tunnels Hamas is in full swing. And the government is not even able to resolve the issue of U.S. compensation to Israel due to the signing of the agreement with Iran. Housing prices continue to grow rapidly. The law on universal military duty is canceled…,» said Avigdor Lieberman.

The Chairman of the party, NDI highlighted the fact that Netanyahu is completely dependent gr ultra-Orthodox parties and unquestioningly fulfills all their requirements. Moreover, signed agreements with them apply not only to the Knesset, 20 convocation, but on all subsequent.

«This means that in any future coalition, the interests of the ultra-Orthodox will prevail over the interests of other parties. Moreover, the haredim will have the right of veto. Any scenario in the future, Netanyahu will not abandon religious parties and always will unconditionally fulfill all their requirements,» said Avigdor Lieberman.

He also expressed confidence that in the next election Netanyahu propaganda machine will try to spend a massive brainwashing, again puts the pressure on NIDS.

«Netanyahu and his people will try to intimidate the supporters of the national camp that we supposedly stop it after the elections to create a right-wing government. First of all, Netanyahu has no relation neither to the right nor to the national camp. The one who supported the disengagement, who voted for him in the Knesset, simply takes the voice right and holds completely left politics. Netanyahu is not ready to fight terror. Not ready to build in settlement blocs and Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem. He refuses to introduce death penalty for terrorists and to uphold the law, which prevents the intervention of the Supreme court in the decision of the Central election Commission. Netanyahu is the most prominent representative of the camp «isralife,» said Avigdor Lieberman.

The NPA leader also reminded about what happened on the eve of the past elections and immediately after them.

«I’m talking about the hysterical cries of the premiere: «the Arabs massively taken by buses to polling stations». And immediately after the election he has brought this apology, invited Ayman UDA, Jamal zahalka and the entire company to his office, where he was received with great pomp, the radiant smiles and pats on the shoulders. After which together with them formed a five-year plan and transferred to Arab sector 15 billion shekels. So I say to you, Mr Prime Minister: we don’t trust you,» said Lieberman.

The head of NDI said that one thing he could promise: the party «Our house Israel» will never be part of a left coalition.

Addressing Netanyahu, he declared: «We will never say: what is visible here, not visible. We are real right-wing, we are the true national camp. We, and not you. We will support the government and the Prime Minister, who will give an obligation to eliminate terror. We will achieve from the government the conduct of the pension reform. We will require to fulfill all the promises, which are so generously distributed to you the Russian-speaking community in all Russian media on the eve of elections. Which you forget immediately, the day after the election. All that you promised, but not fulfilled».

Avigdor Lieberman expressed belief that after the next election will be created by the present right-wing government – with or without Netanyahu.

«More and more people realize that there is an alternative and can be created by the government of the national camp without Netanyahu. Moreover, it is understood even in litude. Believe me, Ministers, MPs and activists of the Likud communicate with me more often than with the head of own party,» he said.

The Chairman of the party Yisrael Beiteinu criticized the capitulation of the government to the terror and inability to curb, stating that the best defense is a good offense. He also noted that it is necessary to reestablish a deterrent that no one wanted to mess with Israel nor Hamas and Hizbullah.

«To defeat terror, you must strike at its three sources: ideological, financial and operational. First of all, we need to take the following steps: to revert to the practice of targeted assassinations; to stop the transfer of money to Abu Mazen; to expel the families of terrorists in the Gaza strip; to deprive of the right to residence Arabs from East Jerusalem involved in terror, and their families; to allow family reunification solely on the Palestinian side, but not on Israel, not only to demolish homes of terrorist murderers, but also those who only tried to commit a terrorist attack; to tighten sanctions against illegals and their employers; to enact legislation on the death penalty for terrorists. stop the practice of transfer of bodies of terrorists to their families; if necessary, declare a state of emergency, as was done in France,» said Avigdor Lieberman.

«We, at NDI, not only understand all this much better than others, but can make the considerably better. Therefore, we must do everything possible to party «Our house Israel» has become a major factor in the coalition, in order to ensure its national character. We have become a key factor in order to return security to Israeli citizens and to ensure a better future for our children. A large and powerful party NDI is a strong and stable State of Israel,» said Avigdor Lieberman.

The Congress NDI Lieberman published his program of fight against terror out of 10 points 26.02.2016

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