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The conservative party of Canada recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The conservative party of Canada, currently in opposition, has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, writes about Monday, February 12 edition of the Daily Caller.

Erin O’toole, member of Parliament of the province of Ontario and critic of the foreign Minister of the conservatives, made the statement on Saturday during the event called the Manning Networking Conference in response to a question from conference participants.

Erin Michael O’toole was elected to the House of Commons of Canada November 26, 2012 and represents the electoral district of Durham. January 5, 2015 O’toole was appointed Minister of veterans Affairs, and two years later took third place in the elections for President of the Conservative party.

The article notes that the government of Canada and opposition parties still have not commented on the resonance of the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump, who intends to move the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem next year.

«The Jewish people lives on this earth for thousands of years. If to speak about our time in West Jerusalem are today the Knesset. The Supreme court and most Ministerial offices. And it is possible to maintain the principle of «two States for two peoples» and, in parallel, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I believe that Canada needs to strengthen its presence in this town – given the fact that many of our allies have already opened consulates there», – leads edition of the words of the policy.

Recall that the canadian tories had pledged to transfer the canadian Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem during the Federal election campaign of 1979 that brought to power for their leader, Joe Clark. However, he then rescinded his criticism has convinced Clark that the move would jeopardize relations with the Arab countries.

The conservative party of Canada recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 12.02.2018

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