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«The Constitution of the «Islamic state»»: self-sufficiency and child soldiers

The British newspaper The Guardian published internal document of the terrorist group «Islamic state», which contains the plan of creation of the state of education in jihadist-controlled territories.

Allegedly, a 24-page document was written in July-October 2014 – shortly after the leader of the IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed a «Caliphate». It was obtained from the publication associated with the group of entrepreneur.

The author of the text, a native of Egypt named Abu Abdullah, pays special attention to military matters. The document provides for the creation of war machine, superior created «al-Qaeda». The training of soldiers needs to begin in childhood.

Describes the creation of agencies responsible for education, health services, foreign Affairs, mining, industrial development. According to the document, the economy of the Caliphate should be self-sufficient.

Special attention is paid to the education or rather indoctrination. The purpose of schools – education fanatics, who believe that their way is the only correct one.

Experts called the document a «Constitution» and noted the rational approach to IG issues of domestic policy, comparing the document with the actions of Mao Zedong and the followers of Vietina. They note that Sunni scholars should play a key role in opposing this doctrine.

«The Constitution of the «Islamic state»»: self-sufficiency and child soldiers 08.12.2015

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