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The court allowed to raise hands to the sky on the Temple mount

The Jerusalem district court overturned a police decision to ban the former member of the Jewish underground and the Third Temple activist Yehuda Etzion to reach for two weeks to the Temple mount.

Etzion along with other activists ascended to the temple mount recently. At some point all the participants of the expedition raised his hands, imitating the posture of prayer, and then went straight to the police, who demanded to give up down.

After the Etzion refused to obey, he was arrested and taken to the world court, at the request of the police issued a ban on approaching the Temple mount.

Judge RAM Winograd has called the decision of the police threat, noting that if so will go further, next time the police may decide to prohibit entry to the temple mount in the headdress.

Recall that the police prohibits all religions except the Muslims to pray on the Temple mount or perform acts of a religious nature.

The court allowed to raise hands to the sky on the Temple mount 29.12.2015

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