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The court demanded to explain the reason of the hard conditions for the release of Jonathan Pollard

The court in new York required the Commission on early conditional release of prisoners to provide a more complete explanation of the terms of the release from prison of Jonathan Pollard. In particular, the court required to explain the necessity of an electronic bracelet that monitors all movement of Pollard and control of its computers, reports The New York Times.

Lawyers for Pollard filed an appeal, requiring the removal of these restrictions named in this document as «illegal», which do not allow their client to get a job, and to keep the Sabbath.

According to Eliot Lauer representing the interests of former prisoners of the above conditions mean, in essence, that Pollard still has not released.

As previously reported, under the terms of the release of Pollard will live in the new York area for at least five years. For travel abroad in any country requires a special permit. Rabbi Pesach Lerner, a longtime friend of Pollard, told that he has to wear the tracker that fixes its location, and stay at home during certain hours. The former prisoner, in addition, it is forbidden to use the Internet, Lerner told the AP. According to others, Pollard will receive limited access to the Internet. He is also not allowed to disclose information obtained while working in intelligence.

Lawyers have addressed in court with the requirement to mitigate these conditions. They believe that measures such as the requirement to wear light and to provide the authorities with access to a computer as most of Pollard and all his employers, deprives them of the chance to get a job.

In addition, the lawyers believe that the requirement to disclose data does not make sense, because over the years all of the information that was available to Pollard, out of date, even if he was able to remember certain information to which had access.

The court demanded to explain the reason of the hard conditions for the release of Jonathan Pollard 15.12.2015

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