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The court held: in Texas hold’em, the margin of victory is luck

The district court of Jerusalem held that the skill and experience of the player have little effect on the results of the game of Texas hold’em. The main condition of victory in this game is luck, and so the game was recognized by judges gambling, while holding «home tournament» declared illegal.

The Walla News website indicates that this decision was taken following the appeal filed by a resident of Jerusalem, sentenced to four month suspended sentences for holding a poker tournament in which participated 15 people.

Podatelnitsu appeal, according to Walla News, was made Professor of mathematics Bar-Ilan University Eli Merzbach dedicated to the study of probability theory. He pointed out that in Texas hold’em it is necessary to calculate the moves, to understand the behavior of other players, including their psychology, to understand when they’re bluffing.

However, the court took into consideration also the testimony of well-known poker players, who argued that luck for the player is more important than his experience and mathematical abilities.

In its decision, the judge expressed doubt that the players resorted to complex mathematical calculations during the game, and rely more on luck. Thus, a sentence to the inhabitant of Jerusalem remained in force.

The court held: in Texas hold’em, the margin of victory is luck 28.12.2015

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