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The court of France will decide whether citizens have a right to call sons by the name of Jihad

Law enforcement bodies of France have to solve a difficult problem: whether the citizens of a country to call his newborn son by the name of «Jihad». This word means in Arabic, «struggle», however, in recent years, after a series of bloody attacks that were carried out by jihadists, it had a different, far more sinister meaning.

About it writes on Tuesday, October 24, a website of news service of the BBC.

The fact that the couple called Jihad of a child born in August this year in Toulouse, reported the General Prosecutor of the French municipal authorities. The case was transferred to judge due to family problems, which will reach a verdict.

French law does not provide for the intervention of the authorities in choosing a name for a child – in that case, if it does not harm its interests and not contrary to the views of other family members. In France today there are many children with this name, and their parents do not need to opt out.

However, the French authorities can not take into account the fact that in 2015 the victims of the jihadists were more than 230 people, and since that time in France, introduced the state of emergency.

In 2013, the resident Him was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of one month and a fine of 2,000 euros for wearing his three year old son named Jihad, in a t-shirt that says «I’m a bomb. Jihad, born September 11» and sent him to kindergarten. However, as noted in the article, a violation of the law was recognized as the inscription on the shirt, not the name of the boy.

In 2015 a French court has banned a married couple to name their daughter Nutella – they were asked to replace this defiant laughter the name to Ella.

The court of France will decide whether citizens have a right to call sons by the name of Jihad

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