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The court sentenced the Jew, zabivshego «Tikva» on the Temple mount, to 15 days of arrest

Tuesday, February 9, the world court in Jerusalem sentenced a 19-year-old Abraham poix to 15 days of arrest for a loud performance of the national anthem of Israel «Tikva» on the Temple mount.

The decision was made by judge David Shaul Gabay by-Richter, who gave the following explanation for the sentence: «Freedom of expression is a fundamental right in society, but this freedom may be restricted when there is reasonable concern that self-expression can lead to disturbance of the peace».

Pia Abraham was detained by the police on the Temple mount in the Old city of Jerusalem on 8 February on suspicion of violation of established rules of conduct in this Holy place, expressed in the anthem «Tikva».

Recall that the police prohibits all religions except the Muslims to pray on the Temple mount or perform acts of a religious nature.

Editorial appealed in a press-service of the police for clarification as to whether a violation of the established rules anthem «Tikva» on the Temple mount. We confirmed that any action that may cause disturbances, violate the established rules, the purpose of which is to «respect the status quo on the Temple mount».

In a recent interview with the editorial the Minister of internal security, Gilad Erdan (Likud) said, «it is well known that for almost 50 years, on the Temple mount there exists a status quo. I don’t care for it, but not in my power to change it. Peace, however, should know that the status quo discriminates against, primarily, the Jews. Muslims have the right to pray there, and millions of them annually visit the temple mount. In the past year, the number of visitors amounted to 12 million. The Jews could only visit the mount as tourists, while having no right to enter the mosque. I can proudly say that even in the case of outbreaks of violence by Muslims against the visitors, we do not stop the visits to the mount, as it was previously. As you know, outlawed radical Islamic group «Murabitun» and «Moralitat» and «Islamic movement», which prevented the visits by Jews the Temple mount. The need to secure the visits of Jews to the temple mount leads to the fact that a limited number of people can visit this place. We strive to ensure that the status quo is to increase this number».

The court sentenced the Jew, zabivshego «Tikva» on the Temple mount, to 15 days of arrest 09.02.2016

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