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The Czech Parliament voted against labeling Israeli products

This Thursday the Parliament of the Czech Republic overwhelmingly approved a resolution that prohibits the labeling Israeli goods produced beyond the so-called «green line» – to Judea, Samaria, the Golan heights and East Jerusalem.

The Israeli media, who report about this vote, emphasized that this decision is not binding on the government of the country, however, strengthens his chances of a confrontation with the European Commission.

Earlier this month, the Israeli Ministry of foreign Affairs has prepared a «black list» of countries of the European Union, relations with whom will be minimized, which included six States, who promoted actively the initiative for marking products of settlements: Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malta, Ireland and France.

The foreign Ministry noted that these States are actively involved in various projects that require the participation or consent of Israel, which still cooperated with them. The diplomats recognize that France is too important for the Jewish state, and an open quarrel with her highly undesirable.

This measure is a Supplement to the decree of the Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs Benjamin Netanyahu to completely cut off all contact with the structures of the European Union related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

We will remind that Greece and Germany have already declared that will not comply with the Directive of the European Commission for labelling products of the settlements. Earlier the same decision was taken by Hungary, and Netanyahu refused to meet with Belgian foreign Minister Reynders, the Dilja, who eventually was forced to cancel his visit to Jerusalem.

The Czech Parliament voted against labeling Israeli products 18.12.2015

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