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The Daily Beast: As ISIS takes revenge on Russia

Anna Nemtsova

«Local police and the Federal anti-terrorist forces strengthened their positions in the North Caucasus after terrorist groups affiliated with ISIS, has chosen its target of a Federal highway, has carried out attacks and killings of officials and killing of tourists and took responsibility for all these atrocities,» writes in The Daily Beast journalist Anna Nemtsova. According to the author, the ISIS is not only recruiting local but also revenge for the events on the battlefields in Syria.

«Many local young men ISIS offers instead of poverty and unemployment that surround them here, it seems to be romantic, full of adventure, albeit a short life,» the article says.

Last year it seemed that the Russian authorities are starting to win the war on terror. If 2014 was 525 terrorist attacks, in 2015-m — 258.

«But in June last year, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, a senior ISIS leaders, has announced the existence of a new «Vilayat of the Caucasus» (Caucasus governorship), and the level of violence has increased again, because the ISIL ordered the demolition of suicide bombers and murders», — said in the article.

«Trying to prevent the murder, the authorities may provoke new», — says the publication.

«One of the main factors causing the increase in violence is the reaction of Muslims that the authorities close Salafist mosques, and intelligence services put pressure on potential recruiters and assistants ISIL,» says Grigory Shvedov, chief editor of the website «Caucasian knot».

According to the author, in the Caucasus, «people with higher education can earn more than $ 350 per month, and primarily in Commerce.» In Cherkessk, a young man named Aslan said Nemcova: «Most of us are trying to move to Sochi, Stavropol and Krasnodar, where life is more stable, but the average salary is twice as much — $ 650».

«Others prefer to go to Syria and join ISIS,» says Nemtsov.

In the Ministry of the North Caucasus, the publication said that Moscow wanted to turn this region into a center of tourism. «We were negotiating with investors from Italy and France, but the project stalled because of the instability,» said the unnamed official.

«So, the spiral of terror and violence continues, and ISIS, exposed to the onslaught in Syria and Iraq, cherishes their future plans in the Vilayat of the Caucasus,» the author concludes.

The Daily Beast: As ISIS takes revenge on Russia 19.02.2016

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