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The Daily Beast: Assad buys oil from ISIS

Matthew M. Reed

«If you believe Russia, Turkey’s President Erdogan runs a multibillion scheme for the smuggling of 200 thousand barrels of oil, the daily reports from the ISIS, and, resorting to the falsification, export that oil to world markets,» writes The Daily Beast. Journalist Matthew M. reed comments: «indeed, Turkey has long been accused of complacent serenity when it comes to ISIS».

But Moscow has accused Ankara of something more sinister in the sponsorship of terrorist groups that commit genocide, the author notes.

But who actually buys oil from ISIS? According to the author, Turkey is not in the first place, and the Assad regime in this list is higher than Turkey.

«Most of the oil ISIL is purchased by local residents on the territory controlled by ISIS. ISIS does not have its own fleet of trucks. It would be a waste of resources and manpower,» writes the author. According to him, hundreds of middlemen to buy the oil fields for cash and sell it to owners of primitive oil installations nearby. The owners, mostly Arab families who are not in ISIS. Products units sell through a roadside gas station or driven in a big city.

The author concludes: «Participation in ISIL oil trade comes down to the original transactions in the deposits and fees, taxes and duties, which the Islamic state can collect on its territory».

The statement of Russia that ISIS illegally transporting 200 thousand barrels per day, proceeds from the thesis that ISIS is producing at least less. However, according to documents seized by the U.S. in may, early in the year production was 55 thousand barrels per day. According to more recent estimates, produced a maximum of 40 thousand barrels per day. However, the territory controlled by ISIL, is home to more than 5 million people who may consume this oil, the article says.

«We know that ISIS has a secret agreement with the neighbor, but not with Turkey. The Syrian regime from the beginning had business relations with ISIL, just as with «Gabhar EN-Nusra» and other militant groups, which in the beginning of the war seized energy assets. In March, the EU first pointed out by George Haswani — Assad’s representative in transactions with LIH» — said in the article. November 25, the U.S. Treasury accused HESCO (engineering and construction company Haswani) not only in oil transactions, but also in maintenance of existing fields of ISIS. «Just before the recent wave of strikes on oil infrastructure ISIS, U.S. officials acknowledged that the network was stronger and more inventive than expected. In another document of the U.S. Treasury in late September was a hint that this year the state will continue increased oil production. Perhaps they helped a little man Assad,» the article says.

According to the author, ISIS also supplies the Assad regime natural gas through pipelines. «In return, provides electricity and other utilities, as ISIS imposes their appropriate tax,» the article says.

There is no evidence that ISIS transports through Turkey to 200 thousand barrels per day, says Reid. «The volume of smuggled oil are extremely low, over time they decreased and completely insignificant in the context of level of level of oil and revenue,» said December 4, the U.S. special envoy Amos Hochstein.

At the end of 2014 there was much evidence of smuggling of fuel to Turkey — fuel, not crude oil, stresses the author. But, according to the publication, after more than 20 refineries have been bombed, ISIL sells oil. The author believes Turkish oil refining company-the monopoly would never have become the crude oil of ISIS.

Syrian Kurds sell their oil, continues correspondent. «The defense Ministry said there are three main transit point of oil ISIL. Two of them are in the territory where the Kurds are much more active. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Kurds, who in 2014 started independent oil exports, oil is transported by pipeline and heavy oil is transported on cars through Turkey. At least one Kurdish official said that the trucks which were pointed to Russia, in fact, transporting oil by orders of the Kurdistan Regional government,» writes reed.

Allegations of Russia are not supported by the realities on the ground, the author concludes. According to him, the Russian «conspiracy theories» about oil supplies ISIS to Turkey — «a direct result of the incident on 24 November, in which Russia lost an aircraft and two soldiers».

The Daily Beast: Assad buys oil from ISIS 11.12.2015

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