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The Daily Beast: high-Ranking Russian military in Syria are killing American missiles?

Michael Weiss and Pierre In

«There is evidence reasonably to suggest that the rebels received weapons from the U.S., have used military complexes in the United States, to destroy in Syria, several Russian high-ranking military,» according to Michael Weiss and Pierre in The Daily Beast.

«Everything is based on publicly available intelligence and reports of the Syrian opposition, Turkish and Russian sources unanimously report that in Syria killed at least one high-ranking Russian military, says the article. — On Thursday evening, the American authorities refused to confirm or deny the assumption The Daily Beast that as a result of the complete and final collapse of the negotiations in Geneva for peace in Syria is expected to increase the supply of ammunition to Pro-American militias».

«On Wednesday of the Northern division of the «Free Syrian army» (FSA), one of 39 anti-Assad militias, backed by the U.S., posted online a video in which one of its soldiers fired an anti-tank missile TOW a few unidentified men in uniform, gathered on the roof of the building, — journalists report. — In the video, published at 5:57 Greenwich mean time, target named Russian officers, but did not specify the exact location of the fire. We only know that it is located near the coast of Syria — in the region of the country, which Russia recently built operational bases and airfields. There is no doubt that being on the roof did not survive».

«After about an hour of Russian news Agency «TASS» announced that Syria killed a Russian officer, who was a counselor in Assad’s army — but not killed Pro-American rebels as «Islamic state», which, as previously reported, on Monday fired mortars at an army camp. On the site of the attack were not reported,» — said in the article.

On Wednesday evening the opposition group «the Revolutionary forces of Syria» said that the attack occurred on the mountain Jabal al-Arkadia in the North of Latakia, and then proopposition «Local coordination committees» said coordinates and the number of victims. The military killed 15, including three Russian officers and four officers from Assad’s army. «The story was picked up by the Turkish Agency «Anadolu Agency», reported that among the 15 victims of the shelling of Jabal al-Arkadia were four Russian generals. One of the generals called only by the name «Yuri». Your statement, «Anadolu» is underpinned by references to unnamed sources in the Syrian opposition,» the article says.

«In 19:30 Alexander Kots and Dmitry Steshin, two reporters of the Pro-Kremlin newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», famous for his propaganda statements in support of the war in Ukraine, citing «unofficial reports» reported that the Russian officer, acting military adviser of the Syrian regime, died of multiple shrapnel wounds sustained during a mortar attack near Salmai. However, it was said that the attack was led by the Turkish army. Apparently, it is said that the Kotz and Stechino the Syrian foreign Ministry. Another journalist of «Komsomolskaya Pravda» stated that the unnamed victim was a Russian Lieutenant Colonel and worked in Syria since 2012, teaching the Syrian military using heavy military equipment,» — convey the authors.

«The charges «Komsomol truth» fits into a coherent anti-Turkish propaganda campaign,» — noted In Weiss.

«However, the situation complicated the message in the independent Russian newspaper «Novaya Gazeta» that, according to the head of the press service of Russian defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov mentioned that the officer died in hospital in Moscow on Monday from wounds sustained under mortar attack ISIL, which killed four Syrian student. Konashenkov did not give the date of the attack, but an unnamed source told Novaya Gazeta that it happened a week ago, on January 26, and that seasoned training center was not in Latakia, and in the city of HOMS. (In this town, and in range of mortar fire no ISIL),» reports The Daily Beast.

«Final certificate was received on Thursday from the Northern division of the FSA, which has posted the video removed after firing and containing evidence of the insurgent who shot from TOW and is shown in the initial video of the attack. Officer of the Northern division said on camera: «anti-Aircraft battalion, associated with the Northern division, received information from the battalion commander that in the Turkmen mountains is some Russian observers. We took the platform [TOW] and after reconnaissance mission found several Russian soldiers gathered on the roof of the building. I shot at him, and among the dead was a Russian officer of high rank, as well as several Russian and Syrian officers». This confirms an earlier publication, «Local coordination committees», and Anadolu Agency», — said in the article.

The authors recall that TOW are 39 groups of Syrian rebels from the CIA, and reported that due to the high efficiency of Russian armored personnel carriers and T-90 tanks in service with the army of the Syrian government, in recent times, presumably equipped with detection systems of missiles.

The Daily Beast: high-Ranking Russian military in Syria are killing American missiles? 05.02.2016

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