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The Daily Beast: Russia is arming Hizbullah

Lebanese field commanders of Hezbollah, the guiding units that are fighting in Syria, told The Daily Beast that they get heavy weapons directly from Russia without restrictive conditions. «Commanders say that between the Assad regime in Damascus, Iran and Russia are the relationship of coordination», – the author writes Jesse Rosenfeld.

«The Daily Beast held with the commanders of a number of individual meetings in late December and early this year in Dahie, working predominantly Shiite southern suburb of Beirut. They declined to give their real names because they were not given permission to speak to the media, but they both say that Hizbullah directly receives tactical missiles long range, missiles with laser guidance system and anti-tank weapons from Russia», – said the journalist.

«At the moment we are strategic allies in the middle East: the Russians are our allies, and they supply us with weapons,» said one of the officers of Hizbullah, who identified himself as the Commander Bakr.

As the commander of the connections that were fighting in the territory from Latakia to Idlib province, Commander Bakr claims that Russian air strikes changed the course of terrestrial military action, which directs Hezbollah is supported by Iran.

According to Bakr, the Russians depend on «Hezbollah» in intelligence when choosing targets. «Without the air force we can’t move, and they could not support us from the air without our information from the earth» – he said with obvious pride. According to Bakr, the Russians also placed its forces in Latakia, especially around the airport used by Russian aviation.

Bakr said that Russia has increased support for his armed movement in 2012. «The Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov met with the leader of «Hezbollah» Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut in 2014 to discuss the developments in the region. In November last year, Bogdanov published the statement in which explained that Russia does not consider this organization a terrorist group», – reminds the author.

«Assir», the recruiter and instructor from Lebanon, also the commander of the special forces unit that is fighting in Syria, claims that Hizbullah produces a more favorable impression on the Russians and that they trust her, and not the Syrian army, the protection of Russian arms depots in Syria.

Hizbullah trains Syrian army to do with a lot of these types of weapons,» Assir said. He argues that Moscow should not impose any restrictions on how Hizbullah could use Russian weapons in its possession, including against Israel, if the organization deems it necessary. «When it comes to Israel, Hizbullah neither of whom does not take instruction,» he declared sternly.

The Daily Beast: Russia is arming Hizbullah 11.01.2016

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