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The Daily Mail: Despite ISIS and Syria, the violence in the world has become smaller

Thomson Reuters Foundation.

«Maybe this year will be remembered pickled bombs, by cutting the throat, slaughter in the Bataclan, but according to Harvard psychologist, remarkably long trend is to reduce the amount of violence continues, — said charitable organization Thomsons Reuters Foundation in The Daily Mail. — Wars happen much less frequently and with fewer victims than in the recent past, terrorist acts are rare, and in the European refugee crisis is nothing new, says bestselling author Steven Pinker».

«The news is systematically incorrect way to understand the world,» he said in an interview with Thomson Reuters Foundation.

According to Pinker, over the last five years ended conflicts in Chad, Peru, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Angola, and, if the current peace talks in Colombia will be crowned with success, the Western hemisphere free from war.

In his published in 2011 the book «Better angels of our nature» Pinker called the reduction of the violence «the most important and most underappreciated achievement in the history of our species».

«2015 was relatively peaceful compared to the post-war era and much more peaceful than previous centuries. However, in the last couple of years the world has witnessed a slight increase in the number of violent deaths», the article says.

Based on information about deaths during the war, provided by the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (Sweden) and Peace Research Institute Oslo (Norway), Pinker argues that the long term trend is down.

«Timothy Snyder, a historian from Yale University (USA), raskritikovav some of the methods of Pinker, less optimistically,» the article says.

«Anxiety about the present and the future is the fact that the collapse of statehood and global warming can, separately or together, to end an exceptional period of peace, to which we are accustomed,» said Snyder Thomson Reuters Foundation.

«If we think that the world is automatically, we too can begin to feel comfortable with the factors that make it possible,» says Snyder.

«The recent increase in violent deaths Pinker accuses «the brutality of Assad, jihadi extremism and Putin’s gamble in Ukraine,» reports Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The Daily Mail: Despite ISIS and Syria, the violence in the world has become smaller 25.12.2015

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