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The Daily Mail: FBI warned London about the threat from Salman, Abadi

The Federal Bureau of investigation United States in January of this year warned British intelligence about the threat posed by Salman, Abadi – suicide, the perpetrator of the terrorist act at the concert in Manchester. MI-5 is checked, Abadi, but did not consider it suspicious.

About it writes on Sunday, may 28, the British tabloid The Daily Mail

The publication claims that the list of suspected extremists, Abadi hit in 2016 and in early 2017, the FBI gave the British colleagues about the fact that he was in the North African cell of the terrorist group «Islamic state» and were planning a terrorist attack in the UK.

On the basis of intercepted negotiations, the FBI suggested that this terrorist cell is preparing an attack on some kind of «political figure». Security forces checked, Abadi and alleged accomplices, however, the investigation was inconclusive and the terrorists «escaped», said a source.

The article The Daily Mail emphasizes that this information needs to exert «additional pressure» on intelligence agencies, which should clearly explain what is the danger of Abadi.

On the same day, another British newspaper, the Telegraph, reported that the younger brother of the Manchester terrorist, Hashim, was a member of the jihadist group planned to attack UN envoy in Libya Martin the Cobbler. After receiving information about the visit of the diplomat, is scheduled for early 2017, was cancelled urgently.

About the investigation against Hashim Abadi, said diplomatic sources, according to which the Libyan intelligence services a few months followed the group, which included the suspect. Sources consider him «an important player» in the organization, which was in the last stages of manufacturing an explosive device for the attack on the convoy envoy.

Sam Hashim of Abedi is currently in custody – he was arrested the next day after the attack in Manchester in Tripoli. While talking to The Telegraph in the security services of Libya claims that Hashim was aware of the impending attack and admitted it: «I know all about that

As previously reported, over the past three and a half years of the British security services had thwarted no less than 18 attacks, five plots were uncovered in March this year – after the terrorist attack on Westminster bridge, in which four people were killed and more than 40 were injured.

«The British counterintelligence service MI5 is currently being conducted about 500 investigations, the persons involved which are not less than 3.000 entities», – results Reuters words of the source. He also said that Salman, Abadi was one of the defendants.

The Daily Mail: FBI warned London about the threat from Salman, Abadi

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