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The Daily Mail: «Israeli-Russian» terrorists connection from San Bernardino

Ruth Stiles and will Stewart

A neighbor of the shooter, now suspected of terrorism, arrow and brother married sisters-Russian women, which, in turn, are connected with Israel. Shortly before the attack the killer’s brother was questioned in connection with domestic violence.

«They came in search of the American dream, but after 9 years after moving to America Tatiana Chernykh has been together with his sister Mary in the midst of a nightmare,» writes The Daily Mail. Here there is an intricate network of personal relationships, say the correspondents Ruth Stiles and will Stewart.

Tatiana Chernykh married Rahiem said Farooq. December 2, his brother Syed Rizwan Farooq along with his wife committed mass murder in San Bernardino (CA).

«Maria is a fictitious (according to FBI) marriage with his friend and accomplice Farouk Enrique Marquez, but lives with the civil husband Oscar Romero in the city of Ontario, California,» reads the article.

The paper describes how the Black sisters came to California from his native village High in the Voronezh region.

Apparently, the school they studied exemplary. Tatiana, who is now 31 years old, finished school with a silver medal.

Jewess or not, is unknown. Friends and neighbors of Black families in the Voronezh region did not want to touch this subject in an interview with the journalist.

«It is believed that the parents of the sisters now live in Beit Shemesh in Israel», — the newspaper writes. Their eldest daughter, Tatiana went to the United States, as a student of the Voronezh pedagogical University. She told a parent that participates in the student exchange program.

However, Lyudmila Solodovnichenko, the Deputy head of the Department of English, argues that the student named Tatiana Chernykh «was expelled for academic failure. We definitely did not send her to America on a student exchange.»

Anyway, in 2006 she came to the U.S., where he met with 46-year-old Peter Gillotti and married him.

According to the newspaper, Gilotti — «rogue that works on unpromising places here and there». In Richmond he worked at the pizzeria.

Sister Ghilotti refused to answer the question of whether his marriage with Tatiana Black bogus, but called it «a colossal mistake».

Whatever it was, Tatiana divorced him and moved to California, where he became acquainted with said Rahiem Farooq and married him. In 2003-2007 he served in the U.S. Navy and holds several awards, including medals for global war on terror.

Said Rachel, his father said Faruq was a senior and Tatiana together with her little daughter live near the home where Rizwan Saeed and his wife is a Pakistani planned mass murder, which was celebrated on 2 December.

«In Tatiana’s accounts in social networks, which are now removed, painted a picture of a happy family life,» reads the article.

However, their neighbor Sheri Medina said: «Since January have been at least three incidents with police. Domestic violence. They fight». According to her, the police came to the house, including the day before the massacre in San Bernardino.

In 2009 the USA came in Black Maria.

«She only wanted to stay for a while, but soon found a job — selling cases for mobile phones, as well as a loved one — Romero,» reads the article.

«Hoping to strengthen their immigration status, in November 2014, she married 24-year-old Enrique Marquez to a fake wedding and, until recently, was paying him $ 200 a months for this accolade,» says the publication.

Marquez, a childhood friend said Rizvan Farouk, in 2007 he converted to Islam. He is now charged with planning terrorist attacks and acquiring weapons, which were used for murder in San Bernardino.

After the massacre Mary never appeared in public. Her common-law husband Romero on Saturday refused to talk to journalists, but also aggressively.

«He was previously convicted for driving while intoxicated, the number of violations of public order and resisting arrest,» reads the article.

It is unclear whether Romero resides in the U.S. legally. But Mary Black now threatens cancellation of visa. However, two little daughters of Mary have American citizenship. «So she will be able to challenge all attempts of deportation», — says the publication.

Tatiana and her father-in-law is also not shown on the people.

Russian friends of the Black family refuse to believe that Tatiana could have to do with the murder. A long-lost relative Zoya Gridneva assured that the sisters Black «were never fans of any religion,» reports the publication.

The Daily Mail: «Israeli-Russian» terrorists connection from San Bernardino 25.12.2015

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