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The day of Russian Israelis: a survey

On the website completed a survey on «the Day of Russian Israelis». The purpose of the survey: to find out the distribution of the hourly average day our readers.

In the survey, which was conducted from 24 to 26 February, was attended 3.834 Respondent (3.386 of them answered question 21). The average age of survey respondents was 49 years. The approximate ratio of women to men is 2:3.


About 90% of the respondents are working. The average time that a Respondent spends on a weekday at work – 9 hours (approximately the same result was obtained after similar 2012 survey).

While the rest of our readers on weekdays, an average of only 2.3 hours (not including sleep, time for food and home care).

On average, those readers on the road from home to work and back takes just over 1 hour. Thus, in total (not only for work), the average reader on the street in day out 1 hour 11 minutes a day.

The average time of sleep to 6 hours 40 minutes (exactly the same result was obtained in 2012).

Watch TV about 72% of the respondents (four years ago 78%). The average time they spent watching television programs is less than one and a half hours a day (1,45 h).

Listening to the radio less than 50% of respondents (in 2012, the figure was 56%). On average 1 hour 11 minutes per day. But two-thirds of radio listeners devote no more than an hour a day (apparently, mostly during trips).

82% of the respondents to our questions «surfing the Internet» at home (four years ago, almost 97%). To this task they devote, on average, 1 hour and 44 minutes (1,73 h).

67% of respondents «sitting on the Internet» at work (four years ago it was 55%). On average 1 hours 49 minutes (1,81 h).

About three-quarters of respondents use social networks. In this case, the communication, publication and view posts on social networks (Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Live journal, etc.), they take on average 1 hour 4 minutes per day.

Just over a third of respondents play computer games (on my desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone), spending on average 1 hour 5 minutes per day.

70% of respondents participating in this survey, time to read books. That they devote on average 1 hour 6 minutes a day.

Only 38% of the respondents read Newspapers and magazines (in 2012, the figure was 48%). This they manage to do on average 38 minutes per day (like four years ago).

55% of our readers say that they have found the time to promote health, engaging in physical activities and sports. For this lesson, they have 52 minutes a day (coincides to the minute with interview data from four years ago).

Almost 97% are engaged in «household chores». On average 1 hour 29 minutes per day (about the same as in 2012).

Approximately two-thirds of respondents spend time with children or grandchildren. On average, 1 hour and 44 minutes per day (a little less than four years ago).

Outdoors our readers spend on average 1 hour 3 minutes (14 minutes less than in 2012).

According to the results of the survey can be such an average weekday schedule our reader: 9 hours at work, more than 1 hours by road, one and a half hours on housework, a little over 2 hours to rest (of them on the Internet and the TV takes considerably more time than the books, and, apparently, often during the rest of the survey participant at the same time «surfing the net» and watching TV), every second is engaged in physical activity or sport, spending less than 1 hour, more than one and a half hours on communication with children and/or grandchildren, and 1 hour in the fresh air (it can be work, and leisure, and housework), 6.5 hours for sleep.

54% of respondents believe that too little time is devoted to strengthen their health, 50% believe that too little time they spend outdoors, a 43.5% complain that too little time spend with friends while 38.5% say it is too much work, 38% reported that too little rest, 34% believe that too little time spend with children/grandchildren, 34% – too little sleep, 31 percent say too little time to devote to reading books.

30% stated that they «do not have enough 24 hours a day.» 23% said they 24 hours a day, «enough». 24% chose the answer «as when». 23% believe that such a question does not make sense.

The day of Russian Israelis: a survey 26.02.2016

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