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«The day of the punishment of Muslims» in the United Kingdom: the promised reward for killing

Unknown attackers sent out to residents of several settlements in the vicinity of London as well as Midlands and West Yorkshire «hate mail», which reported: April 3, on the territory of the United Kingdom will host the so-called «Day of the punishment of the Muslims.»

The Department of police to combat terror instituted in connection with these Epistles the investigation, wrote on Tuesday, March 13, the newspaper the Mirror.

The authors of this letter call on the UK population «not to be sheep who follow orders and are easily manageable». They claim that the inhabitants of most countries of Europe and North America support those who seek to harm them and to turn democracy into Sharia state.

The organizers of this «event» promises a reward for the humiliation of Muslims: 25 points for picking women with traditional hats, 500 points for killing Muslims and 1000 for the attack on the mosque.

Experts note that the 2018 date was not chosen randomly: some neo-Nazi groups use figure 18 as a code name for Adolf Hitler – the first and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet.

A group of activists of Tell MAMA, which was established to fight against Islamophobia, said that applies to these threats «with the utmost seriousness».

According to the 2011 census, Muslims make up slightly more than 4.4% of the UK population – around 2.7 million people. Note that ten years ago there were 1.55 million. Most adherents of Islam live in England and Wales.

The growth of the Muslim population is increasing and the number of crimes motivated by hatred. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs, in 2016-2017 it was 80.393 such crimes, and the year before – 62. 518 that indicate their increase of 29%.

It should be noted that the statistics include not only crimes Muslims themselves, but also the burning of mosques and Muslim schools.

«The day of the punishment of Muslims» in the United Kingdom: the promised reward for killing

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