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The death of the Boeing 777: Girkin ordered to pay victims $400 million

Family members of twenty-five people killed in plane crash Boeing 777 flight MH17, including ten Dutch families, won a lawsuit in a us court awarded them compensation in the amount of $ 400 million.

This was announced on Tuesday, January 30, Dutch channel Zembla.TV owned Association BNNVARA.

A lawsuit in a Chicago court was filed against the leader of Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, Igor Girkin (strelkov), who in 2014 held the position of «defense Minister» of the breakaway Donetsk national Republic (DND).

In August of the same year it became known that he resigned and left the territory of Donbass. It is the judge laid the responsibility for the death of the passenger Boeing 17, which was shot down by a missile «Buk» in July 2014.

According to the lawyer of Floyd Wiesner, representing the interests of plaintiffs, the total compensation amounted to $ 400 million: 20 million and $ 10 million in damages for everyone who lost relatives as a result of the crime.

The edition, however, notes that the probability of obtaining these amounts to virtually zero. Girkin took part in the trial, and the arrest of its assets will be insufficient to pay damages.

«This case was never about money, but about justice, we want to draw attention to this terrible tragedy and to those who are responsible for it «, – said the lawyer.

In February 2016, it was reported that representatives of 17 families of the victims filed a lawsuit Girkin, demanding payment of 50 million dollars. The total amount of the claim to Girkin amounted to $ 850 million.

A similar lawsuit was filed in July 2015, when the monetary compensation demanded 18 families of the victims, and the total amount of the claim amounted to $ 900 million. As the defendant was at the time specified on Malaysia Airlines, but later the statement was only the name Girkin, who was convicted on three counts: murder, the destruction of the aircraft and collusion with Deputy Sergey Petrovsky and persons who are directly related to the missile strike on the Malaysian airliner.

From published by the international investigation team report indicated that the plane was shot down from PKR «Beech», delivered from Russia. The launch was carried out from the village of Pervomayskaya, which was under the control of the separatists of the DPR.

The Russian side, criticizing the report of the international investigation team, emphasized that objectivity should take into account information from the radar, meaning made on 26 September statement of the Ministry of defence that is located in the Rostov region «Utes-T» were not recorded closer to the plane of any air objects of the Eastern Donbass regions.

The death of the Boeing 777: Girkin ordered to pay victims $400 million 30.01.2018

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