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The death of two twin sisters in Ashkelon. Details

On Tuesday, January 16, in the apartment on the street Ephraim Tsur in Ashqelon was found the bodies of two twin sisters. The women was 49 years.

Radio «Kahn Beth» told that women were repatriated from Argentina. They work through an intermediary firm by a cleaner at the hospital «barzilay». Last week, they warned the boss that may be missing a few days due to poor health.

At work, began to worry after women stopped to answer the phone. In addition, their colleagues drew attention to the fact that both sisters during the week, haven’t checked messages in WhatsApp.

On the morning of 16 January immediate boss women buying for them «hotels», came to meet them, confident that the sisters sick. It is within a few minutes called and knocked on the door, after she opened, she called the police and rescue services.

Radio «Kahn Beth» reports that the apartment was discovered a note written in Spanish. Police gave this document to the interpreter, hoping that we are talking about the suicide note, which will give answers to the questions of the investigation.

The police say that the bodies of women were not found traces of violence. The investigation has involved one of the best forensic scientists and pathologists Konstantin Zaitsev.

The investigation is inclined to think that we are talking about a double suicide. It is not excluded that women are unable to adapt to life in the new country.

The death of two twin sisters in Ashkelon. Details 16.01.2018

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