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The debates in France: in the opinion of the audience, Makron «beat» Le Pen

Emmanuel macron, an independent candidate for President of France, has consolidated its status during Monday’s TV debate, where he spent three and a half hours discussing the immigration crisis of Europe with its main rival – the leader of France’s far-right marine Le Pen.

About it writes on Tuesday, March 21, the website of TV channel France 24.

Held after this event, the quiz has recognized the victory of the Macron, a former economy Minister in the socialist government under the leadership of Hollande: according to the French, he was the most convincing of the five main candidates for the presidency. The debates, as experts believe, will play a crucial role in the presidential election in France, where about 40% of the population is still undecided in their political preferences.

«You are misrepresenting the facts and therefore will lose» – so the macron replied to the arguments of Le Pen about the strengthening of radical tendencies in the country. He also stated that he did not intend to prohibit the wearing of the burka, the traditional clothing of Orthodox Muslim women, covering the face and body, and swimsuit «burqini», a ban which last summer caused uproar among the Muslim population of France.

Le Pen, in turn, called the arguments of Macron «Jabberwocky» and said she wants to attract the attention of the French to the fact that «talking a little bit about that and about this», they avoid making decisions.

Recall that the results of the survey conducted by Sofres Kantar-One from 2 to 4 March, suggests that the so-called «Penelopeia» a negative impact on the rating of françois Fillon, candidate for the French presidency from the center-right party «the Republicans».
According to the results, if elections were held today, Fillon had not scored more than 17% of the vote – which is 3% less than it was last month.

Its main opponents, the leader of the far-right party «national front» marine Le Pen and an independent candidate Emmanuel macron gaining 26% and 25% respectively.

The debates in France: in the opinion of the audience, Makron «beat» Le Pen 21.03.2017

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