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The defense Minister called for joint U.S.-Israeli exercises

Wednesday, March 14 defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited the air force base «Hazor», which are the teachings of «the Juniper Cobra 2018» (Juniper Cobra) and met with the commanders of the armed forces of the United States, who arrived to participate in the exercises.

The defense Minister was shown the installation of «Patriot», he also listened to the reports of Brigadier-General of Zvika Haimovich, commander of the air defense forces, head of the office of planning major General Amir Abulafia and the commander of the joint Israeli special forces Lieutenant General Richard Clarke.

«Possibilities of deterrence and interception of missiles that we were shown today, the number of air defense forces, who arrived from the United States, largely reinforce the Israeli defense system. These additional opportunities in an emergency could be a critical factor for Israel,» said Lieberman.

The Minister also thanked everyone for the successful implementation of such a complex operation, and said that in the current exercise, arrived in Israel with a large contingent of American troops. Over 2,500 people came from Germany, and from Texas, Michigan, etc., to take part in them.

«Take them to Israel, as well as to conduct exercises and forge such close collaboration is a complex task in itself. We appreciate the willingness of the American side to come here for two weeks and take part in the exercises. It is very important to successfully confront the multiple threats on several fronts,» said Lieberman.

The defense Minister called for joint U.S.-Israeli exercises 15.03.2018

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