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The Deputy Forer: «the Ultra-Orthodox are trying to blackmail the government»

Sunday, March 4, Knesset member Oded Forer (NDI) said in an interview with that the party will not compromise in terms of law on appeal.

«Under the cover of slogans about the quest for political stability is banal blackmail,» said Forer. He laid responsibility for the crisis on the tourism Minister Ariva Levin (Likud), who coordinated the work of the Commission created more than six months ago to develop acceptable to all the coalition factions, the wording of the law on appeal.

«This Commission met once, talked, haredim said that they need to think about what he heard, and since then they think,» said Forer. He added that in recent weeks, a professional Commission established by the Minister of defense Avigdor Lieberman. «It is the Commission which prepares a government bill, taking into account all the aspects related to the appeal. And then the ultra-Orthodox put on the table a bill and demand his immediate approval, and even threaten not to vote for the budget. It’s called blackmail, and we do not intend to succumb to it,» added Forer.

He added that the position of the party «Kulanu» remains unclear. «They require the approval of the budget, but never talked about that oppose the law on appeal. I fear that the coalition will try, based on the votes of the party «Kulanu», a bill on conscription and budget. «We will do everything we can to have this law on appeal has not passed,» said Forer.

He added that he doesn’t know are the current negotiations inside the coalition. In his opinion, the future of the government depends exclusively on the ultra-Orthodox. «They need to understand that blackmail is not a form of work in the coalition. We will not succumb to blackmail those who are trying to impose on Israel the law, dictated by anything but the interests of the security of the state», — concluded Oded Forer.

The Deputy Forer: «the Ultra-Orthodox are trying to blackmail the government» 04.03.2018

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