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The Deputy Forer: «to Move is only the law developed by the Ministry of defence»

Wednesday, March 14, Knesset member Oded Forer (Yisrael Beiteinu) said, speaking with a correspondent that the resolution of the crisis coalition became possible after it had been accepted all the demands of the party. «Compare our original proposal that was accepted in the end and you will see that we have not renounced a single for their demands,» said Forer.

In the meeting of the faction of NIDS held on 12 March, the defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has rejected the possibility of combining the two laws that appeared in the agreement that ended the crisis. According to Oded forera, no change in the position of Minister of defense was not. «The unification of laws is a play on words. When you combine laws, we are talking about what a private bill is absorbed by the government. This is what will happen. As we said, progress will be only the law developed by the Commission of the Ministry of defence,» he said.

Forer said that the Commission has been working for almost three weeks. «I want to remind that initially the Commission was established, headed AREVA Levine, which met once. After this long time, no progress was not, and the time allotted for the formation of a new law limited. Only after the Commission was established by the Ministry of defence, in a coalition «remembered» about the law», — said the Deputy.

According to Oded forera, such a law might be acceptable for ultra-Orthodox. «Throughout the negotiations, we told them that they were given the opportunity for the Commission to complete its work, present the bill and then commented on it. But political interests were taken up», he said.

Oded Forer rejected the suggestion, according to which position and tone of the NDI has changed under the influence of polls, the results of which were published on the evening of March 12. «Our actions are not determined by polls. If the polls reflect reality, then Isaac Herzog would still Prime Minister, and Hillary Clinton would become President of the United States. We act in accordance with our principles,» said Forer.

He added that he does not know what originally wanted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. «If he fired the Minister of the Landwehr, we all would know exactly what he wants elections. The Prime Minister did not. It’s obvious to me that this crisis can be resolved two weeks ago. But the coalition partners were not ready to accept our position until the last days,» said Forer.

The Deputy Forer: «to Move is only the law developed by the Ministry of defence» 14.03.2018

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