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The Deputy head of the film company «major movie» was preparing the murder of his boss

Criminal punishment threatened to the Deputy CEO of the company «major movie» Ludmila Weber, accused of organizing the murder of his boss – CEO Denis Filyukov. At the same time three more were arrested the defendant in a criminal case in age from 27 to 49 years.

The verdict will be announced no later than Tuesday, March 1, the official website of the Metropolitan CID of the Russian Federation.

The investigation found that in December 2015 Ludmila Weber «decided to organize the murder of his partner, the Director General of the film company» – because of the conflict on the basis of Finance.

To do this, Weber hired killers, one of whom is afraid of the responsibility and appealed to the Metropolitan police about the crime, after which they were detained the organizers of the conspiracy.

As assassins were made by the natives of Vorkuta, the father and the son, one of which has a rich criminal history and several convictions. Intermediary between the customer and contractors was a citizen of Ukraine Valery Kalinichenko, said the publication LifeNews.

According to investigators, after the death of producer Weber wanted to get his business and become the sole leader of the company.

To date, the film «major movie» has released a documentary short film «Bastard film», scientific-journalistic documentary series «Secrets of the forgotten victories» and the movie «Right to love».

The Deputy head of the film company «major movie» was preparing the murder of his boss 29.02.2016

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