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The Deputy of the Zohar: «I don’t think we are on the threshold of elections»

On Sunday morning, March 4, head of the organizing Committee of the Knesset Miki Zohar in an interview with said that in his opinion Israel is on the verge of early elections.

«Ultraradical have to understand that serious issues are resolved by agreement and not by arm-twisting and imposition of decisions, and by negotiating and reaching agreements,» — said the Deputy Miki Zohar.

According to him, the talks between the leaders of the coalition and the ultra-Orthodox continue all the time. «The Prime Minister will continue to try to reach a compromise. I think they understand the need to reach an agreement, not force and coercion».

Miki Zohar added that the Likud is not afraid of the possibility of early elections. «In the last days, everything revolves around early elections. We do not fear this possibility because in all the polls, only we strengthen the result of the early elections».

The Zohar rejected the idea that the current crisis initiated by the Prime Minister, seeking to provoke a political explosion that will lead to early elections amid criminal investigations. «I know this theory, but it has nothing to do with reality. The theory about from the beginning to the end,» said Miki Zohar.

On Saturday evening, March 3, a senior government spokesman said that at the moment a high probability of early elections. «The probability of election is higher than the probability of reaching a compromise,» — said the source.

The Deputy of the Zohar: «I don’t think we are on the threshold of elections» 04.03.2018

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