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The Deputy Ploscowe: «Let the professionals do their job»

Knesset member Tali Ploskova («Kulan») published a review about the investigations against the Prime Minister.

The statement reads: «To my great regret and disappointment, the political system, the media and society in Israel used to draw conclusions and to act on the basis of the presumption of guilt. This is absolutely wrong. I truly believe in the presumption of innocence and rely on the professionalism and impartiality of the police and the judicial system. Of course, if the outcome of the trial is proven guilty, the Prime Minister, he should resign. But let’s have to understand the professionals, and will not make conclusions based on media hype, and not having full information from the source. Scandals and investigations has turned Israel into a means of political struggle and settling of accounts: dirty, but effective. You need to end it, too much it costs the people. And I’m not just talking about billions of shekels to the dissolution of Parliament, early elections and the formation of a new coalition. I’m talking about the people’s trust, because that trust is the most important value for us. I urge everyone to stop speculating, take responsibility, and to continue to work for the good of the people.»

Note that the head of the party «Kulanu», and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon is still not commented on the recent publication on the topic of investigation.

The Deputy Ploscowe: «Let the professionals do their job» 07.08.2017

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