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The Deputy Yossi Yonah: «Netanyahu will act smarter if you leave»

Knesset member Yossi Yonah («the Zionist camp») said in an interview with «the requirements of public hygiene require Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya to resign».

Knesset member Yona said: «we are Talking about too many cases of suspicion, as well as confidants of the Prime Minister, in respect of which are suspected of committing serious offenses. The Prime Minister is not obliged to resign from a formal point of view, but he must follow what he demanded in 2008 from Ehud Olmert».

The Deputy Yossi Yona added: «Now we are not talking about any kind of rumors or initial suspicion. Investigations are moving close to Netanyahu become state witnesses. In this situation, it seems to me that the Prime Minister will act smarter if you say that passes the torch to the next.»

Knesset member Micky Rosenthal («Zionist camp») written over the weekend in his account in social network Facebook: «the Prime Minister should announce that he is temporarily unable to perform the duties of the head of the government. No man in the world who would be able to function normally under such a burden of investigation. The Prime Minister suspect of corruption and betrayal of public trust, can easily become the object of blackmail. The offences in question apply not only to public aesthetics and compliance of the law, but raise questions about the extent to which the Prime Minister committed to the interests of the state. All of this requires Netanyahu to at least temporarily relinquish the duties of head of government.»

The Deputy Yossi Yonah: «Netanyahu will act smarter if you leave» 06.08.2017

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