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The descendants of the dynasty Brodsky three years fighting for the right to become Israelis

More than three years, the family Severini from Kiev trying to get Israeli citizenship. The high court and the chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine Yaakov Dov Bleich acknowledged Severing Jews. However, the Directorate for population and migration does not believe that they are entitled to citizenship.

«We came here for religious reasons. In Ukraine, we feel confident from a financial point of view. It’s not that we were looking for a better life», — says Sergey Severin.

At home, he worked as a dentist, his wife Daria is a child psychologist. According to the man, he has Jewish ancestry through the maternal line. He claims that his grandmother was descended from the house of Brodsky, among whom were sugar producers, Industrialists and public figures. In Israel since the late 80-ies of relatives of Sergey.

In may 2014 Severin with his wife and two daughters who are now 8 and 18 years of age, came to Israel as tourists. With itself Sergey has brought the documents, which, he thought, was to confirm his Jewish origins.

Two years before the arrival of the family started to adhere to Jewish traditions and visit the local Jewish community. But Sergei’s wife, Daria, was to undergo courses of conversion. Leaving for Israel, the family sold the property on the territory of Ukraine, as was sure to start a new life in the Jewish state.

Contrary to the expectations of Sergei provided them the documents did not satisfy the «Nativ», but to find other evidence of his Jewish origin he could not. On this basis, the family was denied Israeli citizenship.

Then Came passed in Israel Orthodox convert to Judaism the Rabbi Nisim Carelica in Bnei Brak. After this, they again appealed to the interior Ministry with a request to grant citizenship. But the family again was refused. This time on the grounds that they are illegally present in the country during the conversion. 20 September 2016 Severina received a notification that they must leave Israel within 14 days.

Came then appealed to the Supreme court of justice (high court). On 2 February this year, the high court recognized them as Jews and recommended the interior Ministry to reconsider the case of the family and provide them with status on humanitarian grounds with the possibility in the future to obtain citizenship. The Directorate for population and migration was given 90 days to review the matter. However, the Office still did not answer, and constantly asks to delay the court.

Severina live in Ramat Gan. They still have neither a visa nor a work permit. Sergey remotely working programmer in the Ukrainian company. Daria makes and sells wigs. However, these revenues do not cover expenses of the family.

«It is very difficult from a financial point of view. Three years we have odd jobs, not having the basic capabilities that are available even Sudanese illegal immigrants. There was a period when there were no funds even for food. Ate rations that I had brought from the synagogue. More than a year all members of the family was without insurance, because it is we just can not afford», — says Sergey.

18 June 2017 at Severing son was born. Birth family paid for its own account. According to Sergey, when his wife was pregnant, she refused to serve in the clinic, since her insurance does not cover pregnancy. «There were a lot of experiences. We were afraid that she would have to give birth on the street,» says the man.

The newborn boy had no documents, except the certificate of birth in Israel. MIA took Severini certificate of birth of the child. And without this document they can’t make the boy even Ukrainian citizenship.

In response to the request in the Department of population and migration, said: «31.07.2017 the family of the year Severini was issued a tourist visa for six months to allow them to appeal to the special court for Gillam and resolve the issue with his giyur». It was also said that there is no reason to give the family Severini Israeli citizenship on humanitarian grounds.

According to Severin, he did not know about the existence of this visa. Later the Prosecutor General’s office lawyer Severina announced that information submitted to is erroneous. «At the moment there is no change in the position of the Department for population and migration, according to which the plaintiffs denied a request for status on the basis of the Law of return, and is not represented humanitarian grounds justifying the granting of the status under the Law of entry to Israel,» the letter says.

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The descendants of the dynasty Brodsky three years fighting for the right to become Israelis


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