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The DPRK is ready to launch a nuclear strike on U.S.: experts confirm threat

The leadership of North Korea declares that it has the ability to launch a nuclear attack on the United States, as reported Monday, may 15, foreign media reports referring to the North Korean news Agency KNCA.

This statement was made a day after the launch of another ballistic missile in defiance of calls from Washington and Seoul are demanding that Pyongyang to curb the arms race.

Pacific the US military command said that the new missile is an Intercontinental ballistic missile, and Japan’s defense Minister Tomomi Inada suggested that the DPRK might have tested a weapon of a new type.

The success of these tests indicates a significant progress in the development of an Intercontinental ballistic missile, a potential target which can be United States, writes Reuters, citing experts.

A new strategic ballistic missile called «Hwaseong-12», tested on Sunday, flew 787 km along the trajectory, the maximum height of which amounted to 2111,5 km, according to the news Agency KCNA. These data are largely consistent with the estimates of experts from South Korea and Japan.

The missile was launched at a high trajectory, but if it was running on the optimal trajectory, would be able to overcome at least 4000 km separating the Korean Peninsula from American soil – a new achievement of the DPRK, according to the website 38 North, citing John Schilling, an expert on aerospace testing.

According to Japan, the rocket flew for about 30 minutes before falling into the sea between the East coast of North Korea and the coast of Japan.
The rocket fell close to the border of Russia, than to the border with Japan.

The US President Donald trump said that «can not imagine that Russia is happy with it». In Beijing reacted to the test with a call to «exercise restraint».

The DPRK is ready to launch a nuclear strike on U.S.: experts confirm threat

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