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The earthquake in Mexico. Confirmed the death of 293 people

On Friday, September 22, Mexican authorities have confirmed the death of 293 people, victims of a strong earthquake that occurred on September 19. The epicenter of this earthquake was near Mexico city. More than 2 thousand people were injured and injuries.

It also became known that from-under fragments retrieved the bodies of eight foreign nationals: four women from Tavanai one from Panama, as well as men from South Korea, Spain and Argentina. The Federal Prosecutor’s office in Mexico said that one of its employees died in the crash of a helicopter to deliver humanitarian aid to a remote village in Oaxaca.

Recall that in search works are involved, among others, and Israeli rescuers.

All of the earthquake affected nearly 3,000 buildings. Some of them declared uninhabitable. In Mexico city completely destroyed 39 buildings, located mainly in the Central part of the city, a popular tourist area.

However, the collapse of the new school Enrique Rebsamen became a symbol of the tragedy, as under the rubble of buildings killed 19 children. This prompted many Mexicans to assume that the building codes, introduced after the earthquake of 1985, are not met in the construction of new buildings.

September 8, southern Mexico earthquake of 8.1 magnitude, which killed about 100 people. Its epicenter was located near coast of Chiapas, the center lies at a depth of about 70 km.
On September 18 in Mexico held national exercises to prepare for a possible earthquake.

The most destructive earthquake in Mexico in recent decades occurred on September 19-20, 1985. Its magnitude reached to 8.1. Then in Mexico city and surrounding area, killing about 25,000 people.

The earthquake in Mexico. Confirmed the death of 293 people 23.09.2017

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