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The Egyptian MP from the creation of an independent Kurdistan only Israel wins

Major-General stock, said al-Jamal, Chairman of the Committee of the lower house of the Egyptian Parliament for the Affairs of Arab States, called for urgent measures against the secession of Iraqi Kurdistan, the website OrientalExpress.

He said that the Kurdish referendum was the fatal blow to the unity of Iraq, and the collapse of the Arab state, like any other, benefit only the enemies of the Arabs, first and foremost, Israel and the Zionists, reported the newspaper «al-Ahram».

The General stressed that dramatically escalated the likelihood of conflict between the Kurds and the Iraqi government, and threats from Turkey and Iran further add fuel to the fire.

Said al-Jamal called on the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States Ahmad Abu al-Wright to hold an emergency summit and fulfil their obligations to preserve Arab unity.

He also appealed to the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani and the Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi, urging them to begin negotiations and to save the country.

Al-Abadi after the Kurdish referendum expressed disagreement to negotiate with Barzani, although the latter again expressed its willingness to dialogue.

Earlier, Egypt suspended the flights to Iraqi Kurdistan.

In the referendum voted 3,440,616 people 91,83% voted for independence, to 8.17% for the preservation of the status of autonomy within Iraq.

Among middle East countries, only Israel openly supports the establishment of an independent Kurdish state.

The Egyptian MP from the creation of an independent Kurdistan only Israel wins 28.09.2017

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