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The ex-girlfriend of Yair Netanyahu in his Facebook: «I am ashamed that I was with him»

Lee levy, the ex-girlfriend of Yair Netanyahu, in his Facebook commented on the recent scandal that erupted after the publication of the recordings of the conversation between the son of the head of the government with friends. During this conversation, over which Yair has already apologized publicly, he invited his buddies to give his girlfriend to pay off debt.

If Levi wrote in his Facebook that even though its name in publications was not mentioned, and by August 2015, she already broke up with Yair, it believed that it could go about it. According to a young woman, Yair cannot be justified just because he was tired after a sleepless night and drunk. She wrote that his words caused her «disgust and horror».

«I would like to emphasize that the feeling of disgust is not caused by the fact that it said could touch me, and the fact that in today’s world there are those who think and speak in a contemptuous manner about women,» writes a young woman.

Note that immediately after the controversial audio recording was published, Yair Netanyahu sent out to the media comments. «Today I saw the report, which used the illegally recorded conversation that took place two and a half years ago. During the night, under the influence of alcohol, I did not spoke about women and said other horrible things that were not supposed to speak. These statements are not at all similar to me, they do not correspond to the values on which I was raised. I’m sorry about before and I apologize if offended anyone. In addition, the fact that I told Neeru to Maimon was a bad joke. I think it is clear to everyone. I was never interested in the settlement plan of the gas industry and had no idea about the details of the plan,» wrote the son of the head of the government.

Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of the traditional meeting with the foreign Ministers of NATO countries also commented on the scandal. «My son is rightly called yesterday your words are stupid. He allowed himself to these statements under the influence of alcohol and apologized for them,» said Netanyahu.

The ex-girlfriend of Yair Netanyahu in his Facebook: «I am ashamed that I was with him» 09.01.2018

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