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The ex-Governor of new York is suspected in the attack on a love affair with a Russian woman

The ex-Governor of the state of new York Eliot Spitzer, 56 years old, famous for his campaign to clean up new York’s Staten island from prostitutes and found that repeatedly used the services of those who so selflessly fought, was again in sight of law enforcement bodies.

This time the ex-Governor suspected of assaulting a resident of Russia, which took place in The Plaza hotel in Midtown Manhattan, where the price for this room is $ 1,000 per night. Representatives of the new York police Department reported that in respect of Spitzer initiated a criminal investigation, writes on 15 February, the news Agency TASS.

The New York Post clarifies that we are talking about 25-year-old Svetlana Travis, a friend of Spitzer. According to CNN, the Russian woman alleges that during a quarrel a lover tried to strangle her, causing her to got to the hospital.

Now the victim, who refused to cooperate with the investigation, has already left the U.S. and sent back to Russia. Press Secretary of Spitzer, Lisa Linden claims that these accusations are entirely unfounded.

Recall that Spitzer’s career hit the skids in 2008 – after it became known about his double life. Free time Spitzer spent in the society of toilers of the houses of tolerance «Emperor’s club» richly rewarding «staff», and for Valentine’s Day ordered a «small, brunette, weighing in at 48 kg.»

Previously, as the attorney General of the state of new York, Spitzer had a reputation as an uncompromising fighter against crime, prostitution and unreasonably high salaries of CEOs and financial fraud, speaking for the «purity of capitalism.»

The ex-Governor of new York is suspected in the attack on a love affair with a Russian woman 16.02.2016

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